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While developing his career as an architect, David kept his interest in dance alive by actively supporting the dance interests of his four daughters. In 1985 his youngest daughter, Melissa, began taking classes at Berkeley Ballet Theater, and soon after he volunteered to assist with (and dance character parts in) their productions. In 1989 he was asked by Sally Streets, the Artistic Director of the school, to create his first large (21' x 38') silk stage backdrop "Snow" for Act One, Scene II of "The Nutcracker". Since this cautious beginning, he has refined his backdrop painting proceedures and techniques, allowing him to complete three additional large drops and three smaller drops for their ballets. Realizing that he was being offered a gift of opportunity to create large-format art that would contribute to the gifts of other artists on stage, he continued to develop his expertise in this format.

In 1995 he created “the Temple of Jupiter” 12' x 24' for a showroom in the San Francisco Deign Center. In 1997 he created two 24 x 40 drops for the Rakkasah dance festival in

Richmond. Realizing the drops were too expensive to sell or be purchased by small arts groups, he began renting them to event organizers. He created “The Moroccan Room” and “Cordoba Arches” as specific rental pieces and his drops began touring the US. In 2002 he was asked by Miles Copland of Arc 21 Music and the Bellydance Superstars” (add link to their page) to create a copy of his Moroccan Room as a digital print on textilene. This new media and format open new possibilities for David's backdrop art. In 2003 he was asked by Dalia Carella to produce a drop for an off-broadway production “in Search of the Goddess”, a retrospective on the work of Ruth St Denis. He coordinated her needs with those of another client and produced two new digital drops for use by Dalia and the Rakkasah East Dance Festival.

David now offers five backdrops for rent and is available to design and produce both silk and digital drops for stage and dance productions.

Temple of Jupiter

12' x 24' - $300/wk

d34 d35
Moroccan Room

12' x 24' - $300/wk

backdrop dluddrop.01.04.full
Cordoba Arches

12' x 24' - $300/wk

Moroccan Courtyard w/Sky

24' x 40' - $500/wk

rak1 dluddrop.01.02.full
Moroccan Courtyard w/Arches

24' x 40' - $500/wk

rak2 dluddrop.01.01.full


Land of Snow
The Nutcracker

21' x 38'

d30 d31
St. Basil's Red Square
The Nutcracker

21' x 38'

Istanbul Mosque
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