I am one of the few men who enjoy performing Middle Eastern Dance in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have taken the name Abrasham as my stage name. Abrasham is the Farsi word for silk... appropriate, as I am also a silk artist.


I find myself to be an unusually creative person with many modes of expression: I am a residential architect, I love to paint on silk, I love to dance, I love to paint with watercolors and pastels, and I play several insturments. I like to use these creative abilities to benefit my family, friends, clients and community -by sharing them at CATYLITIC MOMENTS, those moments when the potential to change outlook, perspective and direction are greatest. I have learned many lessons balancing the creative forces in my life and I find personal rewards in sharing those lessons through my art, by sharing more than is expected in each creative moment.

How I fell in love with Middle Eastern Dance...

I began dancing as a teenager, learing social "rock and roll" dance informally and danced four nights a week in college. I married and had four daughters, all who loved to dance both ballet and modern. In my thirties, my daughters encouraged me to begin ballet class. I studied for four years, then began to take jazz classes. I then became interested in folk dance, and one of my teachers was a belly dancer.

She suggested that I try a few classes.
I did, and I was hooked.


RAKKASAH is the arabic word for "Gathering of the Tribes." It is also the name of an amazing festival that occurs every year, in March, in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2000 the festival celebrated its twentieth year. It has grown to be the LARGEST Middle Eastern Dance Festival in THE WORLD!! Over two thousand dancers come to perform each year, and over thirty-five thousand visitors come to watch and shop the amazing bazaar at the festival, where you can buy all kinds of Middle Eastern jewelry, costumes, musical insturments, fabric, books, music, and videos. In 1998, I was asked to paint the backdrops for the main stage, and you can see them in the theatrical backdrop section of this website.


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