David has designed a series of 45” square silk shawls. He has drawn from his interest in Middle Eastern art and used the two common graphic tools, a border that includes poetic text, and a center field oriented on the diagonal - so that when the shawl is folded along the diagonal, the field images appear... read more-->
Original Veils
David researched Middle Eastern art looking for dance veils and found that no specific fabric art pieces were ever created for dance. Searching for a more general graphic tradition, he found that the use of borders and text as a decoration was common in the... read more-->
Scherazade Veils
During his research, David found a significant contributor to the theatrical interpretation of Middle Eastern costuming and stage design. Leon Bakst, who was the set and costume designer for Dhiaglev and his Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo in Paris at the turn of the last century, created... read more-->
Flying Carpet Veils
Some of the most powerful contributors to contemporary graphic textile design have been artists who create bold Tibetan Carpet designs. David has found inspiration in the re-interpretation of this work in the form of dance veils. The bold graphics lend themselves to... read more-->
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